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    According to the above mentioned Act, a young scientist is a person who conducts scientific activity:
    1) a doctoral student or a university teacher without a doctoral degree,
    2) or a person who has received a doctoral degree within the past 7 years, and is employed in an entity referred to in Art. 7 section 1 of the above-mentioned Act. (e.g. university)
    This period does not include break in scientific activity related to maternity leave, leave on conditions of maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave or childcare leave of a grantee, granted under the rules set out in the Act of 26 June 1974. - Labour Code, or collection sickness benefit or rehabilitation benefit in connection with inability to work, including caused a disease requiring medical rehabilitation.

    I'm declaring my submission:
    (mandatory for "Queries" and "Preliminary research", voluntary for other tasks)

    To the signed application sent to the e-mail address mikrogranty.idub@uw.edu.pl, please attach all the necessary attachments indicated in the recruitment rules.

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